Changes in average prices between different periods may be due to variations in the characteristics of the different  properties being analysed, and should not be taken as necessarily indicating a general change in value over the period.  To measure price changes over the relevant periods, please refer to the price indices.

Grade A - modern with high quality finishes; flexible layout; large floor plates; spacious, well decorated lobbies and circulation areas; effective central air-conditioning; good lift services zoned for passengers and goods deliveries; professional management; parking facilities normally available.

Grade B - ordinary design with good quality finishes; flexible layout; average-sized floor plates; adequate lobbies; central or free-standing air-conditioning; adequate lift services, good management; parking facilities not essential.

Grade C - plain with basic finishes; less flexible layout; small floor plates; basic lobbies; generally without central air-conditioning; barely adequate or inadequate lift services; minimal to average management; no parking facilities.

Since April 2000, average rents/prices have been compiled in respect of units graded according to revised grading criteria. They are not strictly comparable to earlier figures.

Source: Rating and Valuation Department