Real Estate with Impact


Schroder Real Estate incorporates Direct Real Estate, Real Estate Capital Partners and Global Real Estate Securities.  A Sustainable Investment Policy is set annually and applies to all parts of Schroder Real Estate. The approach taken by Real Estate Capital Partners and Global Securities reflects the principles of the Policy, although the execution of approach to companies and funds differs from the Direct team’s approach to buildings.

Direct Real Estate

Our Real Estate with Impact approach is driven by our Sustainability Policy and applies to all aspects of the real estate investment management life-cycle.

Our Sustainability programme is managed through an Environmental Management System (‘EMS’) aligned with ISO 14001.


Real Estate Capital Partners

Sustainability is integral to Schroder Real Estate Capital Partners’ “SRECaP” investment strategy.

We believe it is important to understand and monitor the approach of each fund manager listed on the SRECaP Investment Platform.

Global Real Estate Securities

We believe companies with good environmental, social and governance (ESG) perform better for all stakeholders – investors, employees and society. 

Accordingly, ESG analysis has a significant impact on stock selection and is a key pillar of risk control in the overall portfolio construction within Global Real Estate Securities.

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