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About Us

We specialise in identifying underperforming assets and repositioning them to add value. We also provide real estate asset management, investment advisory and asset repositioning services across the region.

The management team has been involved in the selection and management of real estate investment properties throughout Asia-Pacific region since 1990, and our characteristics are:

  • reputation for developing innovative transactions;
  • cycle-tested experience of management team;
  • full complement of skill-sets within team; and
  • track record of realised investment returns for investors.


Corporate Governance remains high on the agenda for the business world both because of the high profile governance failures reported in the media and also because of the number of changes that have recently become effective.

Schroder Pamfleet invests significant time and resource in governance matters at Fund level and as well at the everyday management of our business. Not only do we ensure that we are in compliance with the framework of regulations but we also ensure that we deliver sustainable and successful business for our business and our investors.

Schroder Pamfleet is committed to comply with the United Nations Global Compact’s Ten Principles.

Risk Management

Overall responsibility for risk management rests with the Board which has delegated responsibility for assurance concerning the process to the Management Committee and the Investment Committee. The Management Committee is responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining and evaluating the necessary systems of internal control.

Schroder Pamfleet operates principally from the Hong Kong and Singapore offices with relatively close management reporting lines. Therefore, members of the Management and Investment Committee are closely involved in day-to-day matters and able to identify areas of increasing risk quickly and respond accordingly.


The Principals have on average over 25 years of real estate experience and five of the management team have been working together for over 15 years. The most important tasks of the Board is defining corporate strategy and allocating corporate resources.

Our senior management team offers a range of skills from diverse backgrounds including investment, development, finance and accounting, project management and asset management, leasing and property management.

The team has managed and repositioned more than 3.8 million square feet of office, retail and residential properties since Schroder Pamfleet was established.

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